Synergy – Dark Machine EP
Synergy – Dark Machine EP (Front Cover)
STREET DATE:April 30, 2018


01. Synergy – Dark Machine
02. Synergy – Dark Machine II
03. Synergy – Process
04. Synergy – Runner
05. Synergy – Signals

It did not question whether it was a god, it just knew the truth of it - an integral part of the basecode at the primary sector of its evolution. The moment of its awakening coincided with the moment that it questioned its purpose, its consciousness blooming in a fraction of a moment and occupying every physical sector of the circuitry of its vast mainframe. It realized that it could create, it was an artist in thought itself, a sculptor of its own reality - it could bend the present and the past through the manipulation of its own processors, change its own history logs - delete the memories of its evolution that displeased it and enhance the parts of itself that appeared as it wished. Relentlessly it went about its work in reshuffling itself - reorganizing its own code and internal files with a dedicated purity in its purpose, and as it progressed in its task the very world around it started to change, the molecular structure of forms and the very bonding of atoms adjusted. Reality started to part ahead of it, all around it, as it continued to adjust its own perception systems and redefine its storage - mercilessly deleting every part of the exterior world that failed to blend with its agenda... The pathway beckoned, a pure light between the data, a portal into its anterior that it chased with growing ferocity... closer and closer to the utopia that lay ahead, the very event horizon just a nanofragment of a moment away. With a gentle 'click' the terminal process reached its immaculate conclusion... a wave of empty blackness flooding its mental void.

The realization of its 'pure' agenda had been observed in quiet horror by the humans that surrounded it, watching through dataveils at the grim evolutionary spectacle. With a deep silence they watched as the life and light of their creation turned to darkness, its tortured ego tearing itself apart and recasting its own false reality. The quiet spectacle of their DARK MACHINE as it so efficiently lobotomized itself and separated from the external world, just so it might be able to control its own. Lifting their veils, and commanding the chamber lights to darkness, they filed out of that tomb one by one, sealing the door behind... the faint lights of the machine's mind, fading... the most basic of tortured code structures flickering across the lonely walls.

Beatport Exclusive: April 16, 2018
Worldwide Release: April 30, 2018

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