Dub Elements & Friends Pt.1 (DEM Recordings)

DUB ELEMENTS & FRIENDS Pt.1 is finally out! 🙌Honoured to release this sick EP on DEM Recordings. Featuring tracks with NEONLIGHT, KOLT, Miss Trouble, DJ Levela & Zardonic 🔥🔥Grab your copy now: http://smarturl.it/DEM001EP

Publiée par Dub Elements sur Vendredi 21 décembre 2018

Dub Elements & Friends Pt.1
Dub Elements & Friends Pt.1 (Front Cover)
LABEL:DEM Recordings
STREET DATE:December 21, 2018
ARTISTS: Dub Elements  


1. Lycaon Dub Elements & Neonlight 4:35
2. Flamenco Dub Elements & Kolt 3:47
3. Pistols Dub Elements & Miss Trouble 4:49
4. Hee-Haw Dub Elements & Levela 4:55
5. Imagination (Zardonic Remix) Dub Elements 5:34

Record label Dem Recordings is an artist led imprint which has set trends over recent months. With Dub Elements being the monumental force behind both the newly established label and the ‘Dub Elements & Friends’ events brand which they’ve spent years building, the merging of these two forces was only apt to end one way. Their events brand alone has amassed a formidable reputation, one which has proceeded into the music they are now releasing through their own creative hub. And since setting their place within the drum & bass world in 2009, Dub Elements have pushed their name into market of releasing music, more so as their Dem Recordings moniker has taken off. Whether it’s been stages at MountainBass, Space Ibiza, Sunny Day, Summer Festival, Creamfields or one of the many clubs they’ve debuted their sonics, Dub Elements have remained multi-faceted artists and their dominion over the club circuit only goes to prove this.

Joining Dub Elements for their first ‘Dub Elements Presents’ compilation EP is Neonlight, the German based duo whose music is a testament to their fierce status as drum & bass producers. The first of five collaborations, ‘Lycaon’ rattles forward with striking levels of LFO basses, jungle inspired breaks and a hook that punctures the mix. Then Dutch artist Kolt molds his boisterous distortion throughout the rolling drums of Dub Elements’ production, with ‘Flamenco’ offering a more jump-up themed delivery. Miss Trouble adds her smooth vocals to Dub Pistol’s next output ‘Pistols’, acting as a call-to-arms against the track’s smashing breakdowns.

UK bass stalwart Levela appears within Dub Elements’ thumping construction of ‘Hee-Haw’ and Levela’s own stylistic features become instantly recognizable through its track’s jagged grooves. Finally, the EP finishes with a rework from Zardonic who takes on Dub Elements’ ‘Imagination’ and gives it a melodic undertow, whilst also driving its urgency, propelling it forward at a dizzying speed. Zardonic’s take on Dub Elements’ sound gives an extra layer to the assortment of artists who have not only lent themselves to the Dem Recordings platform, but also the events which have become notorious across the European scene. For that reason alone, Dem Recordings is looking to grow exponentially over the coming months.

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