Digital & Response: Broken Dub
Digital & Response: Broken Dub (Front Cover)
LABEL:Function Records
STREET DATE:May 6, 2019
ARTISTS: Digital  
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1. Broken Dub – Digital & Response 5:04
2. Tell Me - Digital & Response 7:01
3. Hung Up – Digital & Response 6:58
4. Plastic Dreams – Digital & Response 6:20

The forthcoming EP from Function Records brings through all the crucial elements which made jungle records so pivotal within the dance music movement. Its atmospherics, breakbeats and its sing-song basslines ware all identifiable parts of the genre.

Lead by Digital and Response, who begin with the 160 bpm, four to the floor track ‘Broken Dub’, it’s a perfect introduction to a raucous delivery. 'Tell Me' comes through with snippets of Amen chop page and its rumbling bass is topped with sweet and sensual vocals. 'Hung Up' is a drifty, spaced-out and smooth number with its bass taking you to a place you've never heard before. And finally, 'Plastic Dreams' reminds you of the kind of track you'd play at Fabio’s pivotal drum & bass night, a sure-fire way to get bodies onto the dancefloor.

With its branded artwork 'Beyond Help' provided for by Mark McGuinness, digitally hand-drawn, this is an output from an imprint which demonstrates everything you’d expect from a ground breaking Function release.

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