Deploy – Fallen EP (feat Ray Keith)
Deploy – Fallen EP (feat Ray Keith) (Front Cover)
LABEL:Dread Recordings
STREET DATE:March 23, 2018
ARTISTS: Ray Keith  


1. Deploy & Ray Keith – Fallen [6:23]
2. Deploy & Ray Keith – Smoke Screen [6:41]
3. Deploy – Liquid Shadows [5:13]
4. Deploy – Out Laws [4:52]
5. Deploy – Painting Lies [5:33]
6. Deploy – Killa [5:38]

Established in 1994, Dread Recordings has stood as a defining part of not just drum & bass, but also its junglist roots. Run by Ray Keith, a pioneer within his own right, Dread Recordings has helped establish the most exciting jungle records to hit contemporary taste makers’ inboxes in recent years. With the label being born during the drum & bass explosion, it’s no surprise Dread Recordings has made such an impact during its development, with a back catalogue which boasts artists both old and new, pushing an array of talents which have only become more finessed with age inside the label’s discography.

And forthcoming next on Dread Recordings is Deploy’s ‘Fallen EP’. Featuring the label head honcho himself, it demonstrates just how imperative the imprint has been for the junglist movement. From title-track ‘Fallen’, with its wispy male-vocals and rolling synth layered drum beats, its breaks fall in a momentum which is both strange and yet reminiscent of the older sound which made drum & bass what it is today. ‘Smoke Screen’ follows the same pattern, pushing forward with every segment and once again exploding segment by segment with heavy hitting kicks. Both collaborations lend themselves to the label’s figurehead, whilst providing a platform for Deploy’s talent.
‘Liquid Shadows’ comes from a totally different angle, flipping the switch and taking you down a path of twitching percussion and pulses of hard hitting bass. ‘Out Laws’ features spikes of synth and steppy swatches of melody, which move you through the track’s mix.

‘Painting Lies’ is just as emotive, pushing a dancefloor lead hook and a bassline which rushes through the track’s heart. Then comes ‘Killa’, with its ragga sample snippets and rumbling snares. The track steadily jumps into play, before you’re drawn into its club lead breakdown which still appeals to the label’s audience through its crumbling breaks. With another release, you’re left to bask in Ray Keith’s expert eye for A&R; for over two decades, he’s been at the forefront of the junglist scene, bringing many producers through with him. Deploy is the epitomic example and his ‘Fallen EP’ is no different.

Juno Exc: 16th Mar

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