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Denial & DJ E – Resound LP (Remixes)
Denial & DJ E – Resound LP (Remixes) (Front Cover)
LABEL:Siren Audio
STREET DATE:December 2, 2016
ARTISTS: Denial  

The best way of returning to an already celebrated LP is through a succession of remixes, packaged neatly for the avid drum & bass listener. Siren Audio have brought together a selection of artists to take on an album which really made their place known across the genre's map. Enlisting the help of producers from a wide musical environment, they help to encapsulate a landscape the first album defined with each member of its track listing. And still standing at the helm is Denial and DJ E, despite their sound undertaking a series of dramatic transformations.

Taking on remix duties are a group of names you'll already be familiar with. Whether it's the grinding, sonic speech of Spirit, the moody growl of Survival or the legendary liquid overture of Mako, there's a slice for every taste.

There are a vast number of different styles represented on this album. An example being the darkly lit undertones of Manifest's ‘Dangerous Liaisons'. A techy roller that bites on every break, its gives the album a murkier depth which is often missed on its other reworks. On the other hand, Spirit takes on ‘Killer Inside', keeping its gratingly angry hook whilst still delivering a blow with every drop of sub. This follow up is full of technically adept electronic pieces that'll take you into the night on any dancefloor, from the UK and beyond.

Andy Skopes brings out an edgier uptake on ‘Underneath the Stars', alluding to its name by creating a waif-like, beautifully composed bassline which scuttles across every relay of beats. The intro focuses heavily on this rhythm, before you're immersed in its darker elements, characterized by climatic breaks. Zero T's version of ‘The Watchman' follows a similar suit, although it forgets the reassuring intro and instead throws you head first into towering warbles of sub. Crashing drum patterns encircle your ears whilst bit by bit you're taken into Zero T's predisposition for hard driving riddims. Flexing his production muscle, prepare to be overtaken by his incessant, pounding loop patterns.

Siren Audio has delivered once more and this time they've offered up a whole new roster of artists. If you were a fan of the previous album, prepare to again be immersed in a musicality that'll sound so familiar, whilst opening a different set of doors for you to enter.

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