Dub Elements – Thunder / Steamy
Dub Elements – Thunder / Steamy (Front Cover)
LABEL:DEM Recordings
STREET DATE:March 22, 2018
ARTISTS: Dub Elements  


01. Dub Elements – Thunder [5:19]
02. Dub Elements – Steamy [4:09]

Dub Elements are back with the second instalment on their brand new record label Dem Recordings. Already renowned for their electric live events, the Sevilla-based duo have a multi-dimensional approach to music, understanding just how imperative their brand is alongside their explosive DJ sets and dancefloor-lead drum & bass cuts. Having released on the likes of imperative record labels Viper, Eatbrain and PRSPCT, their ascent continues on their own creative platform.

The next output from Dub Elements comes in the form of double sided single ‘Thunder’ and ‘Steamy’. Even from the very first release, Dem Recordings has proven its ability to stand up against the heavyweights and these forthcoming records are no different. ‘Thunder’ begins your exploration back through Dub Element’s sound, jumping between paces and orchestrating a titanic drop, one which shatters against its pumping bassline. ‘Thunder’ alludes to its title through each crash of percussion and thumping rolls of drums, with an old-school rave sample systematically raising its head. Creating a more club lead undertow, the track certainly demonstrates the appeal of Dub Elements behind the decks. It shows their understanding of how to translate their sonic endeavours through speakers, although this time they’ve engineered their own space to do this from.

On the flipside you’re drawn into the chaotic waves of ‘Steamy’, this time building up on runaway, disassociated beats and patterns of disjointed drums which begin to appear more prominent throughout the mix as its develops. It’s a more minimal approach for Dub Elements and presents a side of them which is seldom seen, but also displays their blatant musicality and versatility. A bass-ridden hook becomes noticeable as the track begins to open up its composition, with ‘Steamy’ jumping between each moody construction of stabs. It’s the perfect midway for any late night drum & bass set, epitomising how they open up their production for a catalogue of diversity.

With more to come from Dub Elements, 2018 is looking to be their most exciting year yet. And Dem Recordings is likely to make even more of an impact with every release they detonate of the same calibre.

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