Various Artist’s – Compound Vol 2
Various Artist’s – Compound Vol 2 (Front Cover)
LABEL:Red Light Records
STREET DATE:December 24, 2018
ARTISTS: Various Artists  


1. Dymatize Manta & Kaiza 4:28
2. Liquid Glass Humanon & Victim 4:54
3. Keep Up Kodin 3:46
4. Lapse Xeomi & Kaiza 4:12
5. Fanatic Wresker & Kilobite 4:19
6. Octopus Loop Stepwalker & Humanon 4:35
7. Insidious Art1fact, Kaiza & Tomtek 4:56

2003 was the year Red Light Records established itself. Since then, Optiv – one of Cause4Concern’s leading members – has drawn upon the vast array of producers who landed in his inbox to deliver crushing content for some of the biggest DJs in drum & bass. As a result, Optiv and the decade in which Red Light has been releasing music has ensured both newcomers and more established names are getting to the most imperative tastemakers. Their ‘Compound’ EP compilation series has seen Optiv provide a milestone in the careers of many burgeoning producers, which is why its second instalment will be another breakdown of the artists who both inspire Optiv, his sets and the music which makes up the core of Red Light Records ethos.

The refined grooves of ‘Dymatize’ from Manta and Kaiza demonstrates how despite being known for their painstakingly honed, cut-throat records, Red Light Records’ output still appeals to the dancefloor. Similarly, Humanon and Victim join forces on ‘Liquid Glass’, diced up through its waif-like synthesis and clapping drum relays. Kodin’s ‘Keep Up’ takes you down a different route, with 90s-rave lead stabs and split vocal samples. The tinkering hi-hats and bass-heavy distortion of Xeomi and Kaiza’s ‘Lapse’ is just as destructive through its own means. Then the illusive introduction of Wresker and Kilobite’s ‘Fanatic’ pulls you into an almighty breakdown, one with rattling percussive snaps which push you directly through each set of flipping beats.Humanon returns again alongside Loop Stepwalker for ‘Octopus’, with every peaking set of notes helping to manufacture a hook that fully captures your attention. The track’s breakdowns are fast and furious, leading to this track becoming a sure-fire anthem in upcoming DJ sets.

Art1fact, Kaiza and Tomtek follow suit with ‘Insidious’, just as heavy-hitting with its thumping sequences and warbling bass notes. All three artists take you deep into their murky skill sets, as ‘Insidious’ becomes more and more overbearing in its approach, with each switch smoothly driving into the next. Red Light Records deliver again for another astounding set of tracks – their individual musicality go on to build a perspective of the label and it’s the type of perspective which has enabled the imprint to stand proud for over ten years in the game.

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