Coda: Black Magic EP
Coda: Black Magic EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Charge Recordings
STREET DATE:July 7, 2017

The history of Mampi Swift's Charge Recordings spans decades. As one of the most definitive imprints the drum & bass world has ever known, they time and time again deliver only the most upfront cuts, solidifying themselves as heavy weights with every release they add to their already hefty back catalogue. Alongside their decorated past stands an artist roster which is just as solid, helping to elevate Charge against their competition and demonstrating their music’s longevity. Up next from the label is Coda’s ‘Black Magic EP’, a body of work which exemplifies not just his heavyweight production standard, but also the precedent set by every release on the Charge Recording’s imprint. Featuring a host of exciting talent, the ‘Black Magic EP’ helps to pedestal Coda’s ingenious engineering and dancefloor appeal.

First up from the ‘Black Magic EP’ is ‘Sky’ ft. Inja, who brings his gritty, brooding vocals for a grimy voice-lead overture. The track is a gyrating, quickly flittering sonic cut which pumps forward on metallic drums and clunking snare. Up next is title-track ‘Black Magic’, an unforgiving and smashing record which hits harder and harder with every drum loop. Coda does what he does best, with a dynamic offering which uses the full intensity of its snapping jaws. Then comes ‘Hindsight’, featuring old school bad man Serum who adds his signature bass to bring you down to subterranean levels. Coda brings on board a variety of guests, each adding an extra dimension to an already stellar level of production.

‘Tomahawk’ carries through the same unforgiving vibes, hitting with more and more impact between every carefully woven layer of sound, underpinned by Soultrain’s ragga-like vocals. The track explodes on detonation, with hard felt percussion and a segment by segment play through of his undiluted skillset. The dub mix of ‘Sky’ also features on the track listing, giving a snapshot into Coda’s unbridled versatility and command of styles. Ending the EP is the radio edit of ‘Sky’, once again returning to the track’s ferocity whilst creating a more honed down snapshot of what Coda can deliver.

With the ‘Black Magic EP’, Charge Recordings reaffirms their place within the scene’s trophy cabinet alongside Coda, for yet another history lesson.

Beatport Exc: 23rd June

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