Arnone ft Mollie Collins & Trimer – Arnone EP
Arnone ft Mollie Collins & Trimer – Arnone EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Charge Recordings
STREET DATE:August 25, 2017


01. Arnone – Riot [4:16]
02. Arnone – Brace Yourself [5:13]
03. Arnone – Arctic Wolf [5:02]
04. Arnone & Trimer – Sabre Tooth [4:52]
05. Arnone & Mollie Collins – Minions [3:48]

Mampi Swift's Charge Recordings is heralded as one of the founding labels who helped artist focused imprints pave the way within drum & bass. For decades they’ve continued to unleash fresh music onto the masses, ensuring they stay ahead of the game by pedestalling both fresh new talent and their older stalwarts. And now they return with Arnone’s forthcoming EP, a set of tracks which will prove that years on Charge is still able to extract the most promising recruits from a huge expanse of upcoming artists. Alongside collaborations with Trimer and Mollie Collins, Arnone raises the bar for his ascending career, with a breed of producers who’ve been infiltrating the playlists of tastemakers over recent moths and will continue to do so after this self-titled EP is unleashed.

‘Riot’ is your entree, crashing forward on whirling sonic beats and hollowed drums. Each crunching break pulls you further and further into its descent, with each crunch of bass sitting murkily amongst its composition. The track then detonates, moving to lower depths, breaking the paradigm and pushing the anti-drop.

In a similar fashion, the next track ‘Brace Yourself’ opens with a foreboding introduction which snaps between each percussive element, slowly winding up into an all-out assault on the aural synapses with distorted vocals sitting underneath the mix and colossal breaks, Arnone ensures you stayed glued to the track from start to finish.

‘Arctic Wolf’ flicks the switch completely, an upfront, unforgiving anthem which fires quick shots of metallic spikes, unafraid to draw you further and further into an unfamiliar soundcape. It’s Arnone at his most fierce, going for the jugular with every successive hit of bass.

Up next comes the collaboration ‘Sabre Tooth’ with renowned DJ Trimer, a dancefloor anthem which curls amongst shaking drums and a hook which gyrates between each layer.

And finally, female drum & bass pioneer Mollie Collins steps up alongside Arnone to bring you ‘Minions’, a pumping, riff-lead explosion of epic proportions. It’s another record which pays homage to Charge’s past yet opens up its future for the burgeoning aritsts the label is nurturing Alongside artists heads like Arnone, Mollie Collins and Trimer, Charge prepares for another definitive year in drum & bass.

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