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Subtension – I Know / VDTM
Subtension – I Know / VDTM (Front Cover)
LABEL:C4C Recordings
STREET DATE:November 25, 2016
ARTISTS: Subtension  

With subterranean basslines which wobble the subs in the world's darkest clubs, Subtension is about to bring his sound out into the mainstream. The vibe prevalent throughout his music is dark, brooding and unmistakably his, honing in on a production flare which has enabled them to forge his own place within drum & bass. At no point does he sacrifice integrity to appeal to a more commercial audience and this attitude is prevalent throughout his next single. However, it's his production prowess which presents his mass appeal, proving that he's able to show crowds everywhere why he's creating such a stir within the scene.

‘I Know' begins how it means to go on, forebodingly intricate and gradually building before growing into a climatic drop. Clunking beats and metallic pads take you down a roller coaster ride of twanging sub, pulling you in different directions. Reverberating drums bring you along a journey, a futuristic dimension of sub bass that pulls you even deeper into the composition. About midway, the track allows you to take in your musical surroundings, a creeping mixture of diced up sample and paranoia inducing atmospherics. You're then subjected to another peak, one that'll catch you unaware and once again throw you down the rabbit hole. Subtension is a master of his craft and this becomes abundantly clear throughout ‘I Know'.

An elusive acronym, ‘VDTM' is more of a roller, yet it still carries with it the techy afterglow which makes his tracks so ominous. The dimly lit depths of his production repertoire is fully exposed, slowly gearing up for all-out war through the growing number of beat loops. You're slowly taken through a dystopian empire, one ruled over by Subtension and one filled with scarily offensive, mechanical workings. Whilst pedestalling a balance of minimalism and the type of drum & bass which grabs you face first, he proves why he's becoming such a terrifying force in sets. With patient precision, he begins to add each layer on top of the other, creating a stack of intimidating sonic work. Subtension is here to show you his world and this single gives a dark impression of its overlord.

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