Zombie Cats – Fear & Circles
Zombie Cats – Fear & Circles (Front Cover)
LABEL:C4C Recordings
STREET DATE:March 7, 2016
ARTISTS: Zombie Cats  

C4C RECORDINGS cut their influential teeth to sharp points in delivering their latest single – ‘Fear & Circles’ and ‘Shakaree’ from hard-working neurofunk duo ZOMBIE CATS. Formed of Rregula and Dementia, the project sees the 2 producers combining countless years of production experience into one focused and tightly operating moniker. This fresh release comes after a slew of exceptionally well-received works on labels such as Bad Taste, Eatbrain, Lifted and Renegade Hardware, as well as collaborations with Mefjus and L33.

‘Fear & Circles’ launches with a darkly glistening tone, eliciting a vision of a dusty neon future with its airy pads and moody synthwork. Enigmatic distorted vocals riff on fear before the catapulting the listener into a barrage of tech designed for the future rave. ‘Shakaree’ on the flip takes a more playful tack, flipping out like an amorphous sonic ball spilling between phrases and forming an entirely sick stepper.

C4C prove once more their ability to catch the scent of tracks specific to their timeless attitude, with Fear & Circles and Shakaree delivering the Zombie Cats at their best.

Beatport Exc: 22nd Feb