C4C Recordings – 20 YEARS LP
C4C Recordings – 20 YEARS LP (Front Cover)
LABEL:C4C Recordings
STREET DATE:January 21, 2019
ARTISTS: Various Artists  
Zombie Cats  
Dub Elements  
Mean Teeth  
Synth Ethics  
CZA (Mark C4C)  


1. Dovetails Abis 4:13
2. Rough Agressor Bunx 3:51
3.Synergy (Jade Remix) Cause4Concern 3:48
4. Danger Bite Current Value 4:44
5. Critical Mass Disphonia, Optiv & CZA 4:24
6. Bass Must Go On Gydra 4:26
7. Tracked IHR 3:40
8. Alter Echo Maztek 5:12
9. Arrival Optiv & CZA 7:42
10. Synth Blood Redpill 3:57
11. Unity Rido 4:11
12. Psi 2000 Teddy Killerz 4:05
13. Othell Alerstorm & Mozo 3:54
14. Mercury Chris Su 5:22
15. Creature Geek CZA 5:27
16. Beasts Abode Dub Elements 6:23
17. Broken Bones Fa11out 5:53
18. Transport Gridlok 4:53
19. Skorpio (Merikan Remix) IHR 5:01
20. Speed Up Impak 6:05
21. Unleashed Mean Teeth 5:57
22. Short Order Synth Ethics 5:21
23. Steinhagel Tobax 5:08
24. Chemical Zombie Cats 4:37

Twenty years in the making, the next LP from Cause4Concern is a seminal contribution to the scene which has only flourished from the label’s output. From both the drum & bass world’s major tastemakers, right through to the artists who are crafting the recesses of electronic music through their unforgiving, chaotic records, the longevity of Cause4Concern is a testament to the work which they’ve injected into each one of their releases. Its roster has grown since they first broke out using the widely established Cause4Concern outfit as a launching pad. The crew behind Cause4Concern had already caused widespread devastation throughout the club spaces they were dominating with the technically finessed, boisterous cuts taking pride of place within their DJ sets. And the forthcoming ‘Twenty years of Cause4Concern’ is a colossal package of thirty-nine exclusives demonstrating how far they’ve come as a collective, with each track setting a benchmark whilst standing out through their own intensive designs. It’s an apt way for the imprint to celebrate one of the longest running dominions in the game.

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