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Bladerunner: Power Moves
Bladerunner: Power Moves (Front Cover)
STREET DATE:May 18, 2018
ARTISTS: Bladerunner  


1. Power Up Bladerunner 4:56
2. The Crazy Dragon Bladerunner 5:13
3. Electric Dreams Bladerunner 5:25
4. Bulldozer Bladerunner 4:30

Bladerunner makes a welcome resurgence on the back catalogue of Hi Resolution Recordings, a label which has time and time again played host to some of his biggest offerings. And following the release of his ‘Full Resolution EP’, he once again returns with his foot on the throttle, adding four brand new records to appease his broad fan base. Although having already taken dominion over the drum & bass world’s more aggressive hubs, the producer has been championed across Radio 1 and Kiss FM and his music has been heralded by pioneers such as DJ Hype, Andy C, Ray Keith, Fabio, Randall, Roni Size and Bryan G.

‘Power Moves’ is a selection of records which show why Bladerunner is a king within the underground sphere. Lending itself to the package’s name, ‘Power Up’ is fearless in its dynamic, yet unforgiving stance and it’s slightly more dancefloor-lead with pitched up vocals and a heavy duty bassline which dips between each beat layering. Yet it still channels the brutalism of Bladerunner’s sound and it’s the best way to get reintroduced to his throbbing bass pummels. ‘The Crazy Dragon’ takes you back to the old-school, with gyrating drum patterns and gritty snares which bite at you from beneath the mix, demonstrating why Bladerunner is loved by both the originators and more contemporary listeners.

‘Electric Dreams’ adds another flavour, proving how the artist doesn’t necessarily stick to the stylistic features of one particular sub genre. With winding beat patterns and an intro which slowly leads you into its almost extra terrestrial drop, Bladerunner takes you by the hand, straight into the heart of his musical creativity. ‘Bulldozer’ is your last delivery, one which ducks and dives between the type of sonics which nod to Bladerunner’s roots, whilst coming at you with crashing breaks and metallic drums slaying the composition. Another climatic EP from Bladerunner, ‘Power Moves’ is sure to appease his audience, the individuals who’ve been waiting for another handful of tracks to line their sets with. You’re sure to find one of Bladerunner’s newest records detonated within the thriving drum & bass circuit; a place where Bladerunner has reigned supreme since first dropping his electric cuts.

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