Blacklist EP – Various Artists
Blacklist EP – Various Artists (Front Cover)
LABEL:Surveillance Music
STREET DATE:July 15, 2019
ARTISTS: Various Artists  
Mean Teeth  


1. Underpass Mean Teeth x Fragz 5:04
2. Borderline Vowel 4:16
3. Beaky Blinder Volatile Cycle 5:23
4. Emulate Screamarts 4:46

Surveillance Music are proud to present Blacklist EP, the first installment of a VA series, that showcases the labels vibe and Sonic direction.

Kicking things off with Underpass, a Mean teeth and Fragz collab, that shows us what funk is all about. Outstanding drum programming, complemented with a modern wobbly bassline, providing all the rolling factor that every dancefloor around the globe deserves. The melancholic pads and atmospheres, together with the filtered vocals create this sense of contrast with the drop, building all the tension before itself.

Next up, Vowel, one of the most promising artists at the moment, showcases all of his incredible sound design and mixing skills on the menacing tune that is Borderline. The impressive synth works blends in perfectly with the constantly mutating bass reinforced by the super technical and efficient drumkit.

Uk based duo known as Volatile Cycle perfectly represent the label's dark yet minimal "we are watching you" concept. Beaky blinder is a thrilling minimal jem stone, and proves VC deserve all the attention they are getting recently, and much more. The dialogue between the polished midrange elements leaves no room for thinking, and the sub bass makes sure the adrenaline levels are in check.

Surveillance Music knew these guys were a safe choice for this mission, and they dint disappoint a single bit. Lastly, Austrian based upcoming talent Screamarts keeps the minimal vibes rolling with Emulate. Techy and precise, this intelligent producer makes the most out of the track's elements, showing us how the less is more mindset should be applied in this genre we all love so much.

The Blacklist EP perfectly converges the different vibes Surveillance Music aim to have on our imprint, and points the direction for their upcoming releases. Surveillance Music are watching you

Beatport Exc: 1st July

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