Benny Page: Champagne Bubblers EP
Benny Page: Champagne Bubblers EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Dub Shotta
STREET DATE:January 30, 2017
ARTISTS: Benny Page  

The new imprint from Benny Page is finally here. Having been part of the drum & bass framework for quite some time, the ragga, jungle and hip hop connoisseur has decided to create a platform for the music he's showcased since the beginning of his career. With support from the likes of Andy C, Shy FX, Nicky Blackmarket and many more heavyweight DJs, there's never been a better time for the project. ‘Dub Shotta' will signpost yet another monumental feat for Benny Page's career, once again signalling his significant role as a tastemaker across the drum & bass genre.

Having over a decade within the game, the producer has already seen major airplay on BBC Radio1, 1xtra, Rinse and Kiss FM, playing a definitive role in the sounds of the UK bass movement. Since 2006 his unstoppable dancefloor cuts have ensured he's stay ahead of the curve, collaborating with some of the most exciting producers and vocalists across the industry. And comes his seminal first release on ‘Dub Shotta', the ‘Champagne Bubblers' EP.

Opening the EP is title track ‘Champagne Bubbler'. Winding up on punchy bass and quickly elevating stabs, old-school vocal sample helps to create a grabbing hook with its force. It's the only way to get reaffiliated with Benny Page's speaker punching vibes, affirming why he's such a notorious figure on the club circuit. Then comes ‘Pon The Body', a raucous party anthem that features a dancehall undertone which quickly switches into a jump-up breakdown. Benny Page hones in on his vast background to bring you records which dip into a whole spectrum of diversity.

‘Bad Inna England' moves in third place, with smashing drums and a siren like snare. The drop leaves you freefalling, bringing all focus to the track's ferocious power and intimidating layer weights. And finally, ‘Kil Sound' takes centre stage. Throwing out its raw energy under robotic samples and quickly looping, Gameboy like synth, Benny Page does what he does best. He merges the old-school and the contemporary, providing the soundtrack for any club enthusiastic. Even on first listen, this EP signals that big things are to come from ‘Dub Shotta'.

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