Love 4 All – Tech LQD Remix

Get set for the Debut single from BANXE #Love4all the official Audio is being release on the 16/02/18 the single includes 2 Remixs from Boyinthebasement Productions Check out the TECH LQD this a big favorite at the moment. Big up to all the DJs supporting this one. Tag anyone who you think is going to love this one. #liquid #newmusic #drumandbass #remix

Publié par Boyinthebasement Productions sur mercredi 7 février 2018

Banxe: Love For All
Banxe: Love For All (Front Cover)
STREET DATE:February 14, 2018
ARTISTS: Banxe  


Love For All (Tech LQD Mix) Baxe 5:53
Love For All (Dub Mix) Baxe 5:34
Love For All (Radio Edit) Baxe 3:41

A production team from London formed by Marly Marl and Justanyguy

The two have spent a number of years in British Dance Music through Marly being a prolific DJ with D&B camp Metalheadz, forming his BEST OF THE BEST collective and touring around the globe.

Justanyguy has spent many years in the studio producing and engineering for the likes of RCA, Universal and releasing different styles of bass music for various UK underground labels. The team definitely have an instinctive passion and valued understanding in the UK Dance Music Culture, which the reason for starting the collective.

This clean cut drum and bass mainstream roller produced, written and performed by Banxe himself is a sexy future classic. With executive productionfrom the Boyinthebasement production team Love 4 All is definitely set to smash. Banxe delivers a sharp and crisp vocal performance, his voice transcends along the tightly paced drums and a live bass performance, rendering this a unique and quality piece of production.

The release includes a Tech LQD remix and DnB Dub remix courtesy of Boyinthebasement, which brings this track into the underground stables, with support from Dilinja, DJ Hype, DJ Chef, Grooverider and Fabio and D Bridge.

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