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Bagged & Tagged – The Remix Vol.1
Bagged & Tagged – The Remix Vol.1 (Front Cover)
LABEL:Bagged & Tagged Records
STREET DATE:September 25, 2020
ARTISTS: Various Artists  


1. Hoe Money (Heist Remix) Vital & Phenom 4:24
2. Born Evil (Nu Elementz Remix) The Force 4:23
3. Mayhem (Slipz Remix) Vital 4:00
4. Afraid (D-Nasty Remix) Trafalgar 4:32

DJ Warden’s Bagged & Tagged Records, which celebrated its second anniversary in May, has rapidly established itself as a reliable purveyor of high-calibre jump up drum and bass. Having already curated twelve colossal releases, the label’s head honcho has now hand-picked four heavyweights of the game to revisit tracks from the B&T back catalogue for its first ever remix album. The Remix EP Vol. 1 finds a selection of 2018 anthems spruced up for 2020 by some of the scene’s brightest stars: Heist, Nu Elementz, Slipz and D-Nasty.

Essex jump up royalty Heist should need no introduction. As one of the genre’s earliest trailblazers and an affiliate of countless top-tier drum and bass institutions including Metalheadz, Low Down Deep, Viper and Integral Records, it makes sense that his contribution to the EP kicks off proceedings. Tackling Vital and Phenom’s coarse, trance-influenced belter “Hoe Money”, he garnishes the track with intricate plucks and razor-sharp basslines, staying true to its original character while adding enticing new twists. Next up, The Force’s “Born Evil”, instantly recognisable in its original incarnation thanks to its distinctive snare and yelping leads, is dramatically transformed by Kent producer Nu Elementz. Deploying barbed synths which imitate the original track’s melodies, the Bites co-owner redefines the track as a more abrasive number, dominated by high-pitched staccato synths reminiscent of his past releases on labels like Playaz, V and Sweet Tooth.

A remix of Vital’s “Mayhem” by fast-rising Nottingham native SLiPZ ensues. As a former grime producer, he’s uniquely qualified to tackle the AJ Tracey-sampling snarler, turning his hand to the track with subtle furnishings including nostalgic eskibeat bleeps and exhilarating, bitcrushed passages. Finally, Trafalgar’s euphoric stepper “Afraid” is given a brutal update by Rampage Festival favourite D-Nasty, who stays true to the song’s stuttering, syncopated formula while using entirely new sound design to do so. An electrifying affair from start to finish, The Remix EP Vol. 1 serves the dual purpose of reminding listeners of the historical gems in the label’s arsenal while giving them welcome refurbishments courtesy of titans of the scene. With 2020 serving as Bagged & Tagged’s busiest year to date, who knows what they’ve got in store for us next.

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