AKOV – The Initiation EP
AKOV – The Initiation EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Bad Taste Recordings
STREET DATE:March 30, 2018
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01. AKOV – Initiation [5:18]
02. AKOV – Talk To Me [4:51]
03. AKOV – Schnitzelklopfer [4:27]
04. AKOV – Space Between Us [5:34]

We are proud to present AKOV's first instalment in the realm of concept albums:

The Initiation EP paints a haunting vision of the future where dystopian society has embraced a one-world religion in the form of Virtual Reality. The priests or "Seers" of this religion replace their hearts with an undying bionic counterpart that enables them to be permanently plugged into the virtual world, which in its unattainable perfection is referred to as Eden.

Eden represents what the world could have been if we hadn't descended into decadence, chaos and war. Escapism in its finest form, whole groups of humans have chosen to sacrifice their earthly reality to permanently experience the incorruptible virtual one. A narrative that will be drip-fed to the audience with each track, the concept of The Initiation EP is one that will be explored for many chapters into the future of AKOV's career.

With the prologue taking place on Bad Taste Recordings, he hopes to fully immerse the listener into a world that has been written to the finest detail in order to engage them on a deeper emotional level.

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