A Sides: QUART Sector 5
A Sides: QUART Sector 5 (Front Cover)
LABEL:Eastside Records
STREET DATE:December 16, 2016
ARTISTS: A-Sides  

A-Sides has returned, bringing with him the 5th part in his Quart Series, although this time it’s different. Featuring a host of welcome talent, A-Sides has used his years spent dominating the drum & bass scene honing in on his A&R abilities, which can be seen on the producers he’s enlisted for this final EP. Whether it’s the dancefloor detonation of Break, the cool-hands of Spirit, Serum’s underground warbling, Voltage’s bouncing flare or A-Sides own ingenious production, this record features an array of heavy skillsets. The Quart Series wasn’t just about the celebration of his own skill, but also the artists who’ve helped to rework his visions, bringing them to life like never before.

As you can expect, Break’s remix of ‘This is Your Time’ is huge. He never falters when it comes to intricately woven pieces of music. Still bringing out the track’s vocals, he builds up the drop to take you down a different slope, one which catches you unaware. With smashing hi-hats and crashing breaks, he certainly delivers for the EP’s first climatic rewrite. Spirit’s version of ‘Calibre’ rolls out next, a techy roller which shows no signs of slowing down after its first subterranean descent. Metallic drums flip between clinking percussion, adding to an already weighty composition. Spirit doesn’t disappoint, going all out for his offering.

‘Uptown’ ft. Cool Hand Flex is taken on by Serum. Never one to shy away from the heavier end of the sound spectrum, Serum brings out the more intimidating atmospherics within the original. With a winding bassline and clinking drum patterns, be careful not to get lost in each layer which builds from break to break. Serum doesn’t hold back, and this becomes abundantly clear from thirty seconds in, right until it wraps up.

A-Sides makes his only appearance for ‘Stick up Kid’, relaying his understated musicianship, whilst still packing a punch. Twisting through flicks of melody and ethereal samples, he proves why he’s a master of his craft.

And lastly, Voltage is thrown into the mix with his take on ‘Wake Up’. Standing prominently for his no holds barred production, Voltage causes all out devastation with this remix. On top of terrific kick and a cranking bassline, he shows no mercy, demonstrating why A-Sides brought him into the fray. And amongst the full package, it proves what a formidable collection of artists this EP has provided!

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