50TH (Album Sampler)
50TH (Album Sampler) (Front Cover)
LABEL:Delta9 Recordings
STREET DATE:April 13, 2018
ARTISTS: Various Artists  
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1. Neurotic Kodin & Logics feat. Flipz MC 4:34
2. Bullet Invadhertz feat. LaMeduza 5:18
3. Totum SL8R 4:25
4. Relative Disprove 5:02
5. Ultra Instinkt 5:12
6. Flash Crash Synth Ethics 4:50
7. Say Now Neve & Frame & Skip 5:06
8. Cheap Chip Jazzatron 4:42

The forthcoming LP from Delta9 Recordings presents everything the label has endeavoured to construct since they first began releasing music. Based between two of Europe’s most creative hubs, the label has stretched its roots from Berlin and Bergamo, in Italy, to draw out a host of inspirations. It’s dark, minimalistic and techstep sounds have filtered across subs within their biggest club spaces, helping to promote the drum & bass culture in Northern Italy and demonstrating its contribution to the worldwide scene. From its very beginning stooped in the culture of free parties and small venues, up until its fiftieth release, Delta9 Recordings have continued to push the boundaries since their inception in 2012. The natural evolution can be seen throughout their back catalogue of music as well as their live events, which have hosted several Italian and international artists from the harshest realms of drum & bass. And the LP which benchmarks a phenomenal number of releases channels the exact same ethos.

The album highlights both already renowned international artists on top of the artists which Delta9 will be working with in the future. As well as the already notoriously fierce music Delta9 releases, they also branch out into the liquid subgenre, which helps to diversify the music given a platform through the 50th benchmark. A host of talented newcomers and critically acclaimed artists stand out across the track listing.

Beginning the LP is ‘Neurotic’, which sees Flipz MC, Logics and Kodin take centre stage. Invadhertz brings LaMeduza on board for ‘Bullet’. SL8R offers up ‘Totum’ whilst Logics and Kodin return again, although this time for the remix of their track ‘Extrema Ratio Remix’ by Dabs. Disprove’s ‘Relative’, Akrom’s ‘Feelings’, Instinkt’s ‘Ultra’ and Ephyum’s ‘Numinous’ all deliver a harder edge. Freqax, Kaiza and Kryptomedic join forces on ‘Bolt’ and SD’s ‘Ice Cubes’ adds a cooler touch. Meanwhile, Synth Ethics’ ‘Flash Crash’, Neve, Frame & Skip’s ‘Say Now’, Stoner & Dottor Poison’s ‘Circus V’ and Underspawn’s ‘Gripped In’ only add to the multi-faceted subgenre styles. And Rafiki & Draize’s ‘Surface Tension’, D Flect’s ‘Sarasvati’, Sentic Cycle’s ‘Juno’, Jazzatron’s ‘Cheap Chip’ and Echonic & Nova D9’s ‘Stack’ further solidify just how far ranging Delta9 Recordings scope really is. All in all, it’s one almighty package. And Delta9 Recordings wanted to deliver exactly this for their 50th release.

Beatport Exc: 30th Mar

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