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17 Years of Mainframe
17 Years of Mainframe (Front Cover)
LABEL:Mainframe Recordings
STREET DATE:December 6, 2019
ARTISTS: Various Artists  


1. Stranger Original Mix Ripple
2. Treshold Original Mix DubApe
3. Definite Original Mix Wingz
4. Progressive Original Mix Halflow
5. Who Am I Original Mix Alibi
6. Residual Original Mix Phentix
7. Flashfreeze Original Mix Tenchu, Break Pitt
8. Contact Original Mix Picota, Kumbh
9. verback Original Mix Tobax
10. Beat Pimp Original Mix Carter, Tuff Gee
11. Ho Original Mix Smooth
12. Boom Original Mix Disaszt, Dorian
13. Childhood Memories Original Mix Manta
14. Soul Reminder Original Mix Salaryman
15. Afterlife Original Mix AKOV
16. Maggot VIPThe Clamps, TR Tactics
17. Fearless Original Mix Counterstrike

Mainframe hasn’t just represented one of the biggest event brands in Vienna, as well as across Europe, but also the record label which branched out from its legendary events series. For nearly two decades they’ve been bringing some of the globe’s hottest drum & bass artists to their stages and have helped develop the careers of its budding producers. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the entire scene which has watched it grow for seventeen years and to mark this occasion they’re set to drop their ‘17 years of Mainframe Recordings’ album. The LP features an eye watering 17 tracks, all of which provide a snapshot into how the imprint has evolved over the course of its expansion. Including newcomer artists who Mainframe are currently investing in, as well as those who Mainframe have had play at their raucous club nights, there’s a host of tastes catered for. And with a name like Disaszt at the helm, the album, the label and its events have been in good hands.

Tracks like Ripple’s ‘Stranger’, Wingz ‘Definite’, and Halflow’s ‘Progressive ID’ set the mood, showing the talent which Mainframe have at their fingertips when it comes to the fresher waters of drum & bass. Then Mainframe frequenters Dubape, Phentix, Alibi and Smooth pull you into their expert riddims throughout its track listing. Breakpitt & Tenchu offers something different throughout the soundscape of ‘Flashfreeze’ whilst Picota & Kumbh’s ‘Contact’ continues the moodier vibes. Tobax’s cutthroat style is prevalent throughout ‘Overback’ and the head honcho Disaszt returns with Dorian for ‘Boom’. Tuff Gee & Carter’s ‘Pimp Ride’, Manta’s ‘Childhood Memories’, Salaryman’s ‘Soul Reminder’, Akov’s ‘Afterlife’ and Counterstrike’s ‘Fearless’ finishes the exclusively new tracks but there’s more to come, with a VIP treatment of TR Tactics and The Clamps ‘Maggot’.

As an album, it’s a formidable collection of tracks. But when looking at Mainframe’s vast history, they would need such an LP to pay homage to their legacy and ‘17 Years of Mainframe’ certainly delivers. So, sit back and begin your journey through the album, which is sure to bring back memories from the best club nights over recent times.

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