1000DaysWasted – Dissonance EP
1000DaysWasted – Dissonance EP (Front Cover)
STREET DATE:June 26, 2017
ARTISTS: 1000DaysWasted  


[4:04] 1. 1000DaysWasted – Dissonance Constant
[4:04] 2. 1000DaysWasted – End Times
[3:58] 3. 1000DaysWasted – Fountain of crying blood
[4:26] 4. 1000DaysWasted – Ulta Outside

My dissonance in the empty...

Fractured and still grinding...

Melodic and hollow... we found solace in the discord...

..and harmony in the empty.

The message continues.. it never stops..

Eternally resonant..

...a signal in the dark.

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