10 years of Good4Nothing: Part 1
10 years of Good4Nothing: Part 1 (Front Cover)
LABEL:Good4Nothing Records
STREET DATE:August 9, 2019
ARTISTS: Various Artists  


1. What Makes Us Strong - Complex 3:43
2. Ask Frank (Slipz Remix) – Complex 3:39
3. Crossfire – Filthy Habits & Jeopardize 4:23
4. Magnetic Field – Dj Twista 4:17
5. Creation – Ironlung 4:34
6. It's Not A Game – Jack The Ripper 4:28
7. Hallucinations – Metal Work 4:27
8. ILL – Ovadose feat. Spooka 4:35

Established in 2008 by Complex and aided by badboy selector DJ Twista, Good4Nothing Records has spent over a decade committing itself to the drum & bass community, something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by its far-reaching fan base. And the duo has pushed boundaries, proving their ability to do so over a host of imprints, including ‘Nothing Long’ where they released music from Macky Gee, Nu Elementz, Guv, Turno, Jayline and more. With releases from Jayline, DJ Guv and Macky Gee also gracing the Good4Nothing back catalogue, there’s an array of tastes which have been catered for throughout its journey. And to commemorate its ascent within the dance music genre over the last decade, they’re about to release a colossal compilation which defines what Good4Nothing Records represents to the wider drum & bass world. An

The track listing for ’10 Years of Good4Nothing Part 1’ is a weighty one and already receiving support from Macky Gee, Mollie Collins on Kiss FM, Nu Elementz, Modified Motion, Ego Trippin, Basslayerz and Rowney & Propz. Set to drop in August it’s the first part of the series, featuring artists who’ve carved a sizeable place for Good4Nothing throughout both the collections of music listeners and the club circuit. With tracks from the head honcho himself, as well as DJ Twista, Filthy Habits, Iron Lung, Jack the Ripper and more, there’s a range of talent throughout but not once does the compilation lose its dancefloor edge or bow down to commercial viability.

‘What Makes Us Strong’ from Complex is the first of fifteen tracks, a thumping standalone offering from the producer which is followed by the rolling sounds of Filthy Habits & Jeopardize’s ‘Crossfire’ and the Slipz rework of Complex’s ‘Ask Frank’. Dutta comes through next with his pounding remix of Complex’s ‘Sneak Attack’, whilst DJ Twista’s ‘Magnetic Field’ follows with its honed hooks and Ironlung’s ‘Creation’ continues the carnage. Jack the Ripper’s ‘It’s Not a Game’ features the tell-tale signature which has made the producer so infamous across dancefloors, whilst Nick the Lot’s ‘Mushroom’ and Danger & Yatuza’s ‘Underground’ keeps the bar high. Jeopardize’s ‘On the Grind’, 2N’s ‘Suicidal’, Silver Fox’s ‘I Am’ and Ovadose’s ‘ILL’ alongside Spooka begin to wrap up the album, with each cut delivering a seismic blow. Then finally, Complex & Dub Berzerka’s ‘Cyborg’ is twisted on its head by Complex with his expertly manufactured VIP and Metal Work’s ‘Hallucinations’ with its carefully grooved bassline. It’s a formidable package with the second edition ready for release, which only goes to redefine just how imperative Good4Nothing has become.

*If you would like the whole LP please email cmpr@cygnusmusic.net*

Juno Exc: 2nd Aug

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