Triple Seed Recordings
  United Kingdom

ARTISTS: Silent Witness   Break   Prolix  

Triple Seed. Home of Silent Witness.

First emerging as Brainiac on breakbeat label Stratosphere Recordings in 2001, Silent Witness’s powerful sound soon caught the attentions of The Plump DJs who included ‘Neuro’, his acid-tinged debut on their Urban Underground (INCredible) mix and Sony who licensed the track for for the PS2 game Wipeout Fusion. The second Brainiac single was greeted with similar acclaim and it became clear a serious talent was emerging.

In 2009 Silent Witness created Triple Seed Recordings, dedicated to solo outings, collaborations, and artist releases. With support from the scenes top dj’s resulting in dance floor carnage the world over, Triple Seed, Silent Witness and friends propel things forward providing high quality, sophisticated drum and bass.

No releases posted for this label yet.

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