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ARTISTS: Audio   Basher   Break   Cause4Concern   Chris.SU   Dose   Icicle   Phace   State of Mind   Teddy Killerz   Tony Anthem   Ulterior Motive   Electrosoul System  

Founded in 1999 by Norway’s TeeBee & K. Subtitles Records was mainly an outlet for the solo work of TeeBee & K, but soon became a benchmark in pushing DnB forward into unknown territories.

Now the label is bigger than ever, hosting a very impressive roster of international talents like TeeBee, Polar/K , Calyx, Future Prophecies, DJ Abstract, Angel Zero, Cause4Concern, Stratus, Illformants, Zero Tolerance, Rob F & Impulse, Orion, Chris Su, Break, Phace, Noisia, Commix, State Of Mind, Spor, Audio, Misanthrop, N.Phect, Icicle, Electrosoul System and more recently Ulterior Motive. The sound of the label is quite hard to describe, as it’s always changing, but at the same time always present. So we’ll leave it up to the listener to pigeonhole us.

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