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  United Kingdom

Skankandbass is dedicated towards the official promotion of record labels and artists in the world of drum & bass music. Since inception in 2010, Skankandbass has unearthed some of the freshest talents in the scene and has opened many doors for unsigned artists.

Now, a number of years in to the game, Skankandbass has decided to take on the role of record label to put together a series of free download singles which aim to further help spread the work of the best unsigned, newcomer artists who deserve more recognition.

Skankandbass is proud to have worked alongside prestigious labels such as: Hospital, Ram, Critical, MTA Records, Shogun, Spearhead, Metalheadz, Exit, Program, Playaz, Viper, Vision, Invisible, Neosignal, CYN Music, D&BA, Dispatch, Formation, Subtitles, Blu Mar Ten, Renegade Hardware, Cue, Titan, Metro, Ingredients, Symmetry, Don’t Play, Cold Blooded, Regal Records, Demand, Radar, Med School, AudioPorn, Mainframe, Beta, Technique, Trust In Music, Bad Taste, Siren, Dutty Audio, Eat Brain, Utopia, Diffrent, Warm Communications, C.I.A, Signature, Commercial Suicide, Deep Kut, V Recordings, Life Recordings, Cyberfunk, Vintage Recordings and many more.

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