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Ruffneck Ting
  Bristol, UK

ARTISTS: Erbman  

If you partied in Bristol in the 90s you’ll know all about Ruffneck Ting. The jungle club ran from 1993 to 1999 and during that time put on legendary events at venues like Trinity, Lakota, UWE, The Depot, Powerhouse, The Bank, Malcolm X Centre, The Fruit Club(Swindon) and The Escape(Cardiff), featuring all the top DJs and MCs in drum & bass.

The record label of the same name was established 1995 and featured tracks by the residents: DJ Dazee, Markee Substance, Decoder Felony and MC Jakes. The label released classic tracks such as Home Boyz, LF Ant, Rude Girls, Damn Right and many more, plus spawned a successful sister label “Breakbeat Culture” with Tec Itch, decoder and substance and bad company’s Fresh and Vegus as featured artists

In October 2013, to celebrate Ruffneck Ting’s 20th anniversary, the event and the label made a comeback with the classics album and club night “RNT20” Ruffneck Ting’s iconic emblem of Ruffneck The Dog was given a makeover and a large graff piece was created by respected Bristol artist , Minto on Lakotas wall, where the event was held. Ruffneck Ting favourites Kenny Ken and L double were added to the residents line up and old and new junglists were once again treated to that uniquely Ruffneck Ting-esque party atmosphere!

Since the relaunch, the label has gone from strength to strength with new artists Jinx, K Jah and more recently, Vytol bringing big flavour plus tracks from Dazee, Serum and Saxxon helping to firmly re-establish Ruffneck Ting as a leading Jungle/steppers label. With releases reaching number 1 in the Juno and DnB arena dnb download charts, plus Ruffneck Ting Takeover events and radio shows, the label, the tunes (and perhaps even Ruffneck himself…) are definitely alive and kicking again!

RNT057Erbman And Flat T feat. Sphereix Showdown EPNov 06, 2019

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