Rampage Recordings

After selling out Belgium’s most impressive arena several times over, yearly gathering 15,000 bassheads from around the world (more in 2018, as this will be the first year it’s spread over two days) and launching a series of succesful compilation albums, the biggest drum & bass and dubstep party in the world is now launching its own imprint, Rampage Recordings.

A&R’ed by head honcho Murdock, Rampage Recordings will be showcasing different styles and vibes, covering both drum & bass and dubstep. Focusing on the acts that will play the event in 2018 for now, the label will be dropping a series of samplers, leading up to this year’s compilation album, with contributions confirmed by the likes of Billain, Barely Alive, Serum & Bladerunner, Turno, Virtual Riot, Upgrade, Current Value, Franky Nuts, Maduk, Lifecycle and more.

Later into next year, expect full single and EP releases from some of the most exciting acts in the drum&bass and dubstep world, as well as remixes of big tunes of A-list artists.

RMPG002VA – Rampage 2018 [Compilation]Feb 23, 2018

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