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NexGen Music promises to deliver you deep into the four Human Intelligences; Mental (IQ), Emotional (EQ), Spiritual (SQ) & Physical (PQ). 
NexGen is about love, creativity and freedom of the musical soul.

NexGen Music is a well-established worldwide independent music label known for it’s innovative approach to the fusion of live, vocal and electronic music. Covering at least 10 sub-genres of mainstream and underground music. NexGen are the masters of blending a raw mixture of talented musicians with top-quality producers and engineers.

NexGen’s modus operandi is a dedication to the creation of barrier-breaking musical compositions, while also offering new ‘comfort-zones’ to listeners not typically familiar with electronic music. The sexy fusion of live and session musicians creating Down-tempo, Soul, Funk, Chill-out, Nu-Jazz, Experimental, Dub and Drum & Bass music styles, NexGen describes all it’s works in totality as ‘Sophisticated Soul’.

NexGen Music has also gained extensive international exposure for their music featured in major and independent film soundtracks in the US, UK & Europe, as well as the consistently positive plays and reviews by top media outlets, including worldwide radio play from top DJ’s on internet, FM and satellite radio.

NXG025DDigital – Brain Damage EPMay 20, 2016

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