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ARTISTS: North Base  

NEMESIS RECORDINGS was formed in 2005 by none other than SILVER who thought it would be a good place to output the love he had for jungle / drum & bass music. Starting with only tape cassettes back in early 1993, SILVER got more and more into learning about music technology and recording his own music. Buying old computers like ATARI ST, COMMODORE 64, SPECTRUM ZX & AKAI, EMU samplers, SILVER got more and more into making drum and bass and continued to push his sound through his label.

After meeting with partner in crime SONIC at a party and talked about music all night. They formed and created ACCIDENTAL HEROES and SONIC SILVER moniker, and the rest they say is history. Having had many releases on labels such as METALHEADZ, VIRUS, V RECORDS, INFRARED, REINFORCED, SILVER thought it was about time and release the first 12 inch record on NEMESIS RECORDINGS and signed a single from XAMPLE (RAM RECORDS) & SOL and the label went on from strength to strength.

Now with over 30 releases on the label NEMESIS boasts it has opened the doors and nurtured a lot of key artists and top producers on the dance music scene today such as SKREAM, A-SIDES, LUTIN-DUBPHIZIX, ZED BIAS, GRIDLOK, CHIMPO, CHAMPION, MC 2SHY, ROUGHCUT, MC FOXY, DJ ORIGIN, DJ CABBIE, NC-17, NW2, PRESTIGE, STATION EARTH, RAWTEE, XAMPLE & SOL, ONE87, DAWN RAID, WILL MILES, DJANDY, and the list goes on. NEMESIS RECORDINGS DIGITAL would like to think it has helped shape the future of what drum and bass is today. Not only from releasing records. But nurturing artists, Doing club nights around the world and none stop tours each year with some of the great artists on our roster. NEMESIS continues to bring different styles of drum and bass music to the table from Jump up, Liquid DnB, IDM, Dubstep, Tech step and many many more. So why don’t you stop by and check out our back catalogue and let us know what you think?

NRD022Northbase: Waiting EPMay 01, 2016

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