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Mofo Recordings
  London, UK

ARTISTS: Beat Assassins  

Mofo Recordings is the label fronted by the award winning breakbeat magazine, Mofo. The label was launched in 2004 and embraces tech-funk and high octane breakbeat. The first release was Rockbox by Dirty Habit which immediately caught the attention of the breaks community with hooks, stuttered vocals; euphoric builds, pounding beats and way too many hands in the air moments for a debut release!

MOFO043Beat Assassins Procrasti-Nation Ft Eli (with Mob Tactics Remix)Nov 20, 2017
MOFO042Beat Assassins Wake Ya Whole Block / War Dem VIPJul 21, 2017
MOFO041Beat Assassins – Crazy ft Alex Holmes SKMAMay 05, 2017
MOFO040Beat Assassins See Ma Gun Go ft Miss StylieMar 06, 2017
MOFO038Beat Assassins War Dem ft Miss Stylie (Trei Remix)Oct 03, 2016

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