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Major League DnB
  Rotterdam, NL

ARTISTS: Zombie Cats   Segment   Concept Vision   ParaDigitz  

Major League has been throwing drum and bass events in the Netherlands and internationally for over 15 years now and is taking the next step in launching their own record label!

In 2002, Major League started with a bang at the legendary ‘Nighttown Rotterdam’ venue with a never seen before line-up starring Ed Rush, Andy C, John B and many more. Since then, numerous nationwide and international events spreading as far as Budapest quickly fortified the night’s position, finally settling down at the Melkweg in Amsterdam over 10 years ago.

Major League is known for the diversity in its line-ups and it’ll be no surprise to find DJs like Lenzman, Pendulum and Hazard playing on the same night. This formula combined with the great soundsystem and atmosphere in the Melkweg makes Major League one the biggest promoters in The Netherlands, with a large fanbase throughout Europe.

The record label ‘Major League DnB’ will be a good reflection of the music you will hear at their events.

No releases posted for this label yet.

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