InnerGround Records

Welcome to Innerground Records, purveyors of fine Drum & Bass since 2003!

We’re the brainchild of world-renowned Brazilian DJ and Producer, DJ Marky. Back in 2003 after exploding onto the global music scene, DJ Marky and friend XRS started Innerground Records with one idea in mind – release exciting and forward-thinking Drum & Bass from every corner of the world. Fast forward to now and we feel we’re doing what we set out to do. We’ve had incredible releases from high-profile stalwarts and up-and-comers alike including Calibre, Total Science, Logistics, Random Movement, S.P.Y and many more.

The game may have changed since we started, but our ethos has not. We continue to scout around and look for the absolute best in Drum & Bass music produced by talented individuals.

No releases posted for this label yet.

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