Flex Records

UK based Drum & Bass label by L Double and Lisa (Girlfriend)

In the vibrant north east of England, Flex Records was unleashed in the early 90’s. The brainchild of legendary artist, L Double. A foundation block for the urban dance music scene, pioneering early jungle sound, his work with cult group Unique 3 earned three UK top 30 hits, helping to lay the foundation for British house music, also having released iconic hits such as “Bass 2 dark” “The mad phunk” & “music for the 90’s”and working with legendary and still very active artists like DJ Sappo and Dungeon Master.

Today with a fresh management team and agenda Flex records continue to nurture and develop a global network of some of the industries most talented and creative artists such as Fat Cap, Ricky Force, Bassgrow, DJ Mastas & Scattyone.

Flex are once again poised to recapture our former glory as a leading brand in Drum and Bass. L Double set up Flex Records to enable him to focus on what he still to this day believes in – music for the underground.

FLEX042Various Artists – Altered StatesNov 18, 2016

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