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Dope Ammo was founded in 1996, initially designed as a collective focused on promoting a series of club nights. After a series of outstanding events that rocked the scene, music production had become a great interest so with great passion and determination these members took to the streets in search of a studio space of which they would call their second home. Shortly after a new chapter in this chronicle had begun, becoming “The Drunken Masters” – The production alias for the founding members of the Dope Ammo crew. Leaping forward to 1998, Dope Ammo Records the brainchild of the Drunken Masters had been formed and acted as an outlet for continued development within their unique style.

2001 saw Dope Ammo sign to the DJ agency of jungle legends, Micky Finn and Aphrodite. It was with ‘Urban Agency’ that The Drunken Masters took their forward-thinking sound to the nightclubs of the world, with smash-hits such as ‘Kill Bill’ and a ‘Bad Ass Rmx’ for Mickey Finn & Aphrodite receiving considerable praise throughout the scene. After seeing first hand what marvels our astonishing cosmos beholds, Dope Ammo went on to release their debut label album, ‘Uprising’ in 2002. In 2008 however, two of the founding members of The Drunken Masters decided it was time to go their own way, leaving Coco to take hold of the reigns, opting to use the label name for future DJ bookings and production.

Over the next few years Dope Ammo were not just found in the UK, now traveling internationally, able to visit iconic cities throughout the globe tearing up country after country, city after city, leaving in their wake loyal fans of whom had their minds blown to have experienced such a performance._

Dope Ammo has had the pleasure of producing remixes for some unbelievable reggae artists, such as the chart-topping, rig-shattering remix of “badboy comedy” by Biga Ranx, as well as the heart stopping remix-collaboration with Benny Page, “Bigante Life”. Continuing this Dope Ammo & Benny Page co-produced and released a sample pack via Loopmasters with immense quality sound, structured sound delivery as well as their disciplined work ethic and once again you guessed it, it was a massive hit within the scene.

Dope Ammo push on over the course of 2014 with collaborations with artists such as Old skool Jungle legend Marvellous Cain and up & coming Bristol act The Run Tingz Cru. During the course of 2014/15 Dope Ammo came to headline such events as Nass, Boomtown, and Fusion all astounding festivals if you have ever had the chance to attend. Even after all these years Dope Ammo is still on top form having been nominated for “best producer” at the 2015 “We Love Jungle Awards” but not only that they had also had tracks like “Hypotic” and “Hail the King” being licensed to the massive “Welcome To The Jungle” compilations for Ed Solo and Deekline. With all of this you think where must they get all their time from; well they have still managed to find more with a whole series of sample packs. Signed off by Loopmasters “DnB Fusion” Volume 3 is about to drop in a collaboration with Run Tungz crew under the alias Dopetingz so keep an eye out!!

2016 looks really bright with a 15 year Dope Ammo album on the horizon and plenty of remixes forthcoming for the likes of Chopstick Dubplate, Nice Up Records and AM Sniper (So Solid Crew)

These worthy veterans known as Dope Ammo continue to strive for excellence keeping a real connection with the artists and supporters throughout the scene, working together as one is the resolution creating a musical revelation. With this attitude, honesty and pure love for Drum & Bass guarantees their commitment to a thriving art form that will continue to grow over the 21st century.

DAR028Baby D Let Me Be Your Fantasy / Dope Ammo & DJ Hybrid RMXSep 25, 2020
DAINFRX02Dope Ammo “INFLUENCE” Remix EP Part 2Oct 04, 2019
DAINFRX01Influence Remix – Part 1Aug 02, 2019
DAFIRE001Kirsty Bertarelli Fire Fire Fire (Dope Ammo Remix)Jul 26, 2019
DARDIGEX024Shaima Girl Gang Ice>Box (Dope Ammo & Benny Page) RMXMay 01, 2019
DARDIGEX023Beat Assassins vs Dope Ammo Beat Down (feat. Scarlett Quinn)Apr 05, 2019
DAINF008Influence EPOct 26, 2018
DAINF001DDope Ammo – Jungle EvolutionFeb 23, 2018
DARDIGEX019VA – Bullets Reloaded Round 4Jun 05, 2017
DARDIGEX018VA – Bullets Reloaded Round 3Feb 27, 2017

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