Chocolate Fireguard
ARTISTS:   CabinetOfMillionaires   Pat Fulgoni  

Chocolate Fireguard is an independent record label from Huddersfield. From time to time Chocolate Fireguard also promotes events, festivals and helps run projects worldwide to promote regional talent. The label has released artists such as label honcho Pat Fulgoni, his dance/rock outfit Kava Kava, French hip hop crew La Cedille, The Bluefoot Project featuring Rachel Modest, compilations such as Interesting Flavours and Taster … Sounds From The Funky Underground, plus girl punk rockers Mary-Jane and hip hop grime artist Practical Headz (both under the “Showcasing Huddersfield” scheme)

CFACOM003 CabinetOfMillionaires: Serve Me Ft. Pat FulgoniJun 09, 2017

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