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Drum and bass heavyweights Black Sun Empire announced their new label, BLACKOUT MUSIC NL.

The globally-respected drum and bass collective trio have been true innovators in electronic music for more than a decade. “We, Black Sun Empire, want to build a stronger brand for BLACKOUT by expanding the events we are already setting up around the world and combining it with our years of experience with running successful labels. We think it is important to let the two grow together, under one name, pushing the sound and artists we feel are sometimes undervalued. By joining forces with artists we believe in, and by giving our fans (who live all around the globe) a common platform to stay informed and keep in touch, we hope to build a home for all who, like us, have a strong love for this kind of drum and bass: energy-driven, hard, melodic and a little crazy,” explain label bosses Milan Heyboer, Micha Heyboer and Rene Verdult.

BLCKTNL062Redpill – Fission EPAug 17, 2018
BLCKTNL059Drumsound & Bassline Smith and Teddy Killerz Metal & BloodJun 15, 2018
BLCKTNL046Rido – Sexy Thing / ResponseSep 22, 2017
BLCKTSMMR2017VA – Blackout Summer 2017Jul 07, 2017
BLCKTL044Gridlok – Z3R0 H0U2 (Album)May 26, 2017
BLCKTNL042Black Sun Empire & VA – The Wrong RoomMar 31, 2017
BLCKTNL041Current Value – Starfleet EPMar 10, 2017
BLCKTNL033Pythius & Various Artists – Heresy EPAug 26, 2016
BLCKTNL031VA – 3 Years of BlackoutJun 17, 2016
BLCKTNL028Neonlight – Triple B & Bad OmenApr 01, 2016
BLCKTNL027XBlack Sun Empire & State Of Mind The Violent FiveMar 11, 2016

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