basswerk Records
  Cologne, Germany

ARTISTS: D.R.S – Da Real Sound  

Basswerk is a leading german D&B label and was founded by Heiner Kruse & Laszlo Milasovszky in 1997 based on the Junglegrowers project. So far 38 vinyls and 8 CD‘s have been released. Basswerk Files is a digital sublabel which has more than 60 digital releases. Basswerk & Basswerk Files were voted best german D&B labels @ Future Music Awards several times.

2018: We started off as an artist collective in 1997. Then we released music from artists all over the world. Now we want to go back to the roots again: We are working on collaborations with artists all over the world from different genres to try out new musical ways. These will be released as a compilation in 2019 – plus additional digital EP‘s and remixes. The Green Man & Kingz worked on contributions as well, but finished a whole album called „Changes“ to be released alongside the compilation. The concept is sponsored by the cultural department of the City of Cologne as well (Kulturamt Köln)

basswerk42Da Real Sound feat. Nikita Candis – ChangeAug 02, 2019

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