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ARTISTS: Audio   Bad Company UK   Disprove   Gridlok   L 33   Malux   Mindscape   Neonlight   NickBee   Noisia   Prolix   State of Mind   The Upbeats   Zombie Cats   Silent Witness   Body & Soul   Gydra   Telekinesis   Signs   Phonetick   ParaDigitz   Meph   Mean Teeth   Aeph   Billain   Full Kontakt   Ragga Twins  

Bad Taste Recordings represents the timeless edge of innovative, energetic DnB. Fuelled by a core set of principles revolving around their adept sense of what’s fresh in combination with their wealth of experience. Their goal is to find new talents from the sonic horizons of the modern world, and propel these unique artists to the forefront of the scene. Their solid foundations start with label boss Vegas being a core member of seminal DnB outfit Bad Company – who rightfully earned their place at the top of the sound.

The roots of the label lie in the Bad Taste concept LP series through BC recordings, which kicked off in 2005. This gave listeners their first tastes of legends such as Noisia, Chase & Status and State of Mind.

Bad Taste Recordings was officially formed in 2007, and took the initial objective of searching for new talent to the next logical stage of its evolution – with the Bad Taste imprint becoming a movement of its own. Today it stands with a cult following gained through its groundbreaking series of releases that have garnered widespread respect amongst producers, Djs and ravers.

The 6th instalment of Bad Taste’s compilation series was released in 2014 alongside critically acclaimed EPs from Neurofunk pioneers Billain and the Teddy Killerz – producers at the pinnacle of their art.

With a strong array of releases lined up, Bad Taste is set to further warp boundaries and defy genre expectations, continually evolving its sonic output and playing its well-earned part in identifying and encouraging innovation at the forefront of the DnB scene.

The roster past and present is formed of artists including: Noisia, The Upbeats, State of Mind, Teebee, Mindscape, Blokhe4d, Chris Su, Joe Ford, Receptor, Chase & Status, Billain, Current Value, Audio, Teddy Killerz, Prolix, Gridlok, Spor, Neonlight, Cod3x, Heamy… and the mighty Bad Company UK themselves.

BT140DDDrumsik – Madman / MindOct 02, 2020
BT117DDVarious Artists – FluidOct 29, 2019
BT113Full Kontakt & Vegas ft. Ragga Twins Toppa TopAug 13, 2019
BT089DDTapolsky, VovKING – Schizoid / TomahawkDec 18, 2018
BT077Billain – Extraction EPSep 11, 2018
BT070DDTobax – AwakeningApr 27, 2018
BT069AKOV – The Initiation EPMar 30, 2018
BT068Phonetick – Cyberpunk EPMar 02, 2018
BT051VA – MethLab Vol 2Jun 03, 2016
BT049Gydra – Dystopia EPApr 08, 2016
BT048Agressor Bunx – Total Destroy / CrusaderMar 04, 2016
BT046VA – Methlab Vol 1Nov 06, 2015
BT012VA – Bad Taste Vol. 4Mar 21, 2011

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