Authentic Music
  Czech Republic

ARTISTS: Kryptomedic (MC)   Lockjaw  

Authentic Music aims to be at the forefront of digital only labels. Our mission is to offer vinyl quality of tunes and to push upcoming artists. We’re based in Czech Republic but we don’t limit ourselves to local producers.

Our music is already spreading through some amazing channels. It has been featured in Fabriclive x Dispatch mix by Octane & DLR, Unquote’s mix on Medschool’s website or in the mighty Komatic Show. We’ve also celebrated existence of our label with two free tunes which can be found on our Soundcloud. And you can get one more from our Facebook page.

We’re already supported by people like Sunchase, Quadrant, Mefjus, Amoss, Mortem, Hybris, John B, Ulterior Motive, Stealth or L 33. Names are slowly piling up and the release plan is getting more exciting than ever.

We’re getting every release professionally mastered and each cover is designed by very talented artist. Maybe that’s why our motto is: “Quality is king.”

AUTHENTIC016VA – Art of Deception LPMar 07, 2016

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