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  Florida, USA

ARTISTS: L 33   Paperclip   Emperor   Myselor   Lockjaw   Task Horizon  

Drum and bass netlabel based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Set up by Coffey in 2008, the US-based imprint was designed to be a gateway for exciting, original talent. After spinning some of the most energetic cuts on his popular DnbRadio show, Coffey soon realised that many artists were finding it hard to get tracks signed – despite massive listener support. The solution? Ammunition Recordings – a brand new outlet for the most aggressive, blistering DnB, from some of the scenes’ brightest producers.

Ammunition started with a bang with its first vinyl release – the explosive AR001, sending shockwaves throughout the Drum and Bass community. A tour de force from a DnB heavyweight and three producers already making their mark on the scene, Ammo’s daring debut featured the aggressive sounds of Axiom, Inside Info, Kiro and 59Crime.

After gaining the attention of new and diehard Neurofunk fans, Ammunition launched another salvo of hard DnB with the astonishing AR002. Combining Jade and Mastif’s heavyweight ‘Hyperion’ and Engage’s Overbreaker on the flip, AR002 also showed Ammo’s desire to put out quality tunes from both new and existing talent. Featuring a joint effort between two established veterans at the top of their game – and an adrenaline-fuelled flip from Engage, AR002 saw Ammunition make its mark on the DnB scene – with only its second vinyl release gaining a feature on Beatport’s prestigious main DnB section.

A landmark in Ammo’s short history, the 2009 Artillery LP packed some of the most explosive tunes from some of the scenes most exciting producers. Essentially a snapshot of upcoming neuro-talent, the Artillery LP featured tracks from the likes of Neonlight, Task Horizon, and Maztek – now all synonymous with the rapidly growing Neurofunk genre. A huge release even now, the ‘Artillery LP’ stands the test of time – and also showcases Coffey’s knack for signing high profile releases from tomorrow’s biggest names.

Ammunition has gone from strength to strength ever since, pulverising the worldwide DnB scene with release after release of quality Drum and Bas. With an unwavering focus on quality, freshness and innovation, Ammunition has become known as the label that pushes forward new sounds, giving artists such as Xilent, Kung, Ford, DaVIP, and Emperor their first releases on a major DnB label – and even paving the way for the Ultrafunk genre. Topping charts across the globe with weapons such as Mefjus’ ‘Eleventh Hour’, Emoshin’s ‘Rank Dominator’ and Neonlight’s ‘Wave’, Ammunition quickly progressed from an unknown upstart to one of the most respected imprints in the scene.

Thanks to releases such as the genre-defining ‘Unity’ EP, explosive ‘Wings’ EP and countless others, Ammunition has built up a dedicated fan base intent on hearing the latest cuts Neurofunk has to offer – just one of the reasons why the Ammunition Recordings Podcast regularly clocks up over 15,000 hits on SoundCloud and iTunes alone. Receiving support from veterans such as Noisia, Gridlok, Ed Rush, Optiv, and Camo & Krooked to name only a few, Ammunition Recordings has gained respect from some of the most important producers, DJ’s and promoters in the game. Ammunition’s dedication has also been recognised by its distributor, voting Ammunition ”Drum & Bass Label of the Year” 2 years in a row. (2010 & 2011)

Releasing tracks based on sheer talent rather then prestige or name-alone, Ammunition has forged a reputation for delivering quality in every release, from established names to upcoming new blood – paving the way for some of DnB’s most popular acts. Ammo artists have gone on to release on other prestigious labels such as Bad Taste Recordings, Neosignal, Lifted Music, and Vision to name a few – so it’s easy to see why a release on Ammunition Recordings is regarded as a fast track to worldwide recognition.

With Ammunition one of the biggest labels in the Neurofunk scene, in 2011 Coffey turned his attention to the down-tempo bass music world of Glitch-Hop, Dubstep, and Electronica. Emulating the same focus on talent and quality that made Ammunition Recordings the label it is today, Caliber Music is making shockwaves, with releases such as Myselor’s ‘Neurolife’ shooting straight to #1 on Beatport’s Glitch-Hop charts. Breaking the mould once again, Caliber Music is already ushering in a genre of its own – ‘Neurohop’. Formed in part by the Neuro sound Ammunition specializes in, Neurohop boasts punchy compressed drums and big weaving basslines – all at a tempo of around 100bpm. Releasing innovative tunes such as MakO’s ‘The Fixer,’ Nova’s ‘Shadow Puppets,’ and Haywyre’s ‘Mono Nova,’ Caliber has shown the fresh sounds of this exciting subgenre, whilst constantly featuring in Beatport’s Must Hear Tracks.

Now with more forthcoming releases from existing talent and fresh blood, Ammunition Recordings and Caliber Music are set to remain at the razor edge of Electronic music – pushing forward new sounds and artists whilst delivering quality time and time again, regardless of BPM.

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