We have lots of different promotional opportunities and formats available, just keep in mind that we don’t post anything we don’t think our viewers/listeners will enjoy or at least find interesting! So, no malware-infested sites, magic beans, HYIP Ponzi schemes or penis enlargement pills. This benefits our users by helping keep the site safe & clutter-free while simultaneously improving the effectiveness of the promotional campaigns we do approve. All decisions on suitability will be determined by us.

That said, here are some of the opportunities available:

DJs & MCs:

  • The most effective (and fun) way to promote yourself is to host a weekly radio show with us! If accepted, you’ll get a weekly timeslot, a dj profile on the site (with downloadable mixes), your recorded sets in regular rotation on the stream archives, automatic server-side recording of streamed shows (at source bitrate, up to 320kbps), access to exclusive tracks, and much more. Plus it’s free!
    Go to DJ Application form
  • For more established djs, we may be open to posting promo mixes on the site for download and/or stream rotation without a weekly show.

Record Labels, Producers:

  • Add us to your promo list so that we can post info about upcoming releases, add you to our label database & create artist profiles.
  • Track/mix rotation on our radio streams
  • Release details with embedded audio (Youtube, Soundcloud, hosted by us, etc.) with links to purchase at Juno, Beatport, iTunes, etc.
  • Get featured in our ‘Producer Spotlight’
  • Sell digital tracks through our web shop
  • Send us unreleased dubplates/remixes/VIPs to mix in our sets

Event promoters:

  • Event listing on website.
  • Sell tickets through our web shop.
  • Play promotional mixes.
  • Radio ads/announcements.

Visual artists & more:

  • Feature artwork on the site as posts, album covers, etc.
  • Sell art, clothing, etc. through our web shop. As with everything, final decision on suitability rests with us.


  • Regular image/banner ads, of various sizes and placement locations (ideally ones that don’t clash with our theme or cause seizures.)
  • Text ads, text links, etc. (as far as simple links go, in many cases we’ll be happy with just a link back to us)
  • Sponsored posts; content must be relevant.
  • A slide on our main page slider
  • Short audio ads on steam rotation

And we’re always open to creative ideas, interesting collaborations and unique/custom-built campaigns, so let us know if you’ve got something else in mind!

For all promotional inquiries, please use the Contact Form or email us directly. Thanks!