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    London, UK
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    Drum and Bass · Neurofunk
Beats for Freaks
Friday's 8pm - 10pm DJ Iso-tope - Friday's Beats for Freaks
About Isotope

Work and studio are where im at most, and one is a lot better that the other. i like to sound like i know what im goin on about when usually i dont. i like animals.i like thinkin about things that make me think of things.i like wotsits. i like cheese, i like trains, i like trains, i like trains, i like trains

I’ve been playin for 16 years now and while drum n bass is my first love i still enjoy mixing other styles. I also produce my own tracks from time to time. mixing on cdj,s or technics, both have their pro’s and con’s. im seldom happier than when im blastin out some heavy beats !

I play on the No 1 dnb web site, on friday nights, all are welcome. i am truly passionate about mixin and shall always be!

What I reckon… If you need to use serato or tractor to time your mix, sorry, you ain’t a proper Dj !

100% factual wisdom… Following my podcast will make you healthier, wealthier and more attractive to the opposite sex! FACT


Live on Friday’s 8pm – 10pm DJ Iso-tope – Friday’s Beats for Freaks

Political Views: green

Religious Views: jedi

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