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    London, UK
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    Drum and Bass · Jump-Up
Rumbling Soundz and Friday Feeling
Rumbling Soundz 6-8PM GMT and Friday Feeling 10-12AM with K-armour and Guest's
About Chase


I am a MC/RAPPER, been listening to JUNGLE,DRUM AND BASS for as long as i can remember ,WAY BACK when i was in school (LOL).Versatility is the KEY to SURVIVAL in this WARZONE they call the MUSIC GAME, i’ll spit my BARZ on ANY beat thrown at me, but i ain’t gonna lie DRUM AND BASS HAS and ALWAYS will be my PASSION.

Started writing barz /lyrics (if you could call them that) back in 1997 after hearing THE LEGENDARY LATE GREAT STEVIE HYPER D (R.I.P to the GREAT 1).At first it was just a bit of fun writing silly rhymes and un-original raps (Going bar for bar in the playground, at telephone boxes, street corners , bedrooms etc ).The more i listened to JUNGLE  DNB the more i liked it. I became a regular listener to the MIGHTY KOOL FM locking into LEGENDARY DJS like NICKY BLACKMARKET,BROCKIE,JUMPING JACK FROST and KENNY KEN and MCS like GQ,FIVE-O,SKIBADEE,FATMAN D,DET,SHABBA,FEARLESS (just to name a few)

In LATE 97/early 98 a group of mates I went to school with who had grown to be AS MAD for drum and bass as me decided to form movement known as HERBAL SOLDIERS (HBS) 3 DJS, MARLY, SKAMMER,  ACTIVE8 and 4 MCS ASTRA,  ZINK, KASHA and MYSELF, we were all keen but only just starting out, so ALL supported each other as we started our DRUM and BASS adventure. For a GOOD 5 years a STRONG unit was forming, we all improved due to working with each other on a regular weekly basis doing radio shows, TDK recordings (LOL) and the odd parties, we all lyrically IMPROVED greatly  and slowly but surely we were improving our DELIVERY on the mic. SADLY the HERBAL SOLDIERS grew  their separate ways but them days helped MAKE me the MC I am TODAY so I’ll always HAVE LOVE for the HERBAL SOLDIERS.

In 1998 I went to my first live DRUM AND BASS event ONE NATION at STRATFORD REX (ALL BABY FACED how I got in I don’t know). It was that moment, seeing all my favourite artist performing LIVE I KNEW MCing/PERFORMING/WRITING was the path I wanted to take.


I’m inspired by life, my wife and kids are my main inspiration, but when it comes to artist WOW there are so many. All the innovators, the artist who gave us drum and bass, the artist who have always been there and have maintained a high level of performance throughout whether it be on the radio’s or in the raves the DJ’S who play the BANGERS to get the raves BOUNCING ( NBM Brockie Hazard Heist Guv Ruffstuff Phantasy Sigma Crissy Criss sly JUST TO NAME A FEW the list could go on ) and the MC’S who come with REAL Barz with LYRICAL CONTENT and the DELIVERY that’s on point who have you buzzing round your house or in your car whilst on radio but also have the POWER to deliver in the rave get the dance going mental chanting their lyrics as one ( Harry Shotta Herbzie Evil B Fatman D Skibadee Ragga Twins Eksman Fun Fearless Trigga Kombo Mekar JUST TO NAME A FEW the list could go on ) I’m also inspired by hip hop rock and roll grime any beat or artist that comes with material that has meaning.


  Mixes by Chase.