April 17 2016

  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO
  • Tested WP Super Cache; works great for speeding up page loads, but conflicts with Maintenance Mode a bit.
  • Image optimization w/ free version of WP Smush; overall sizes reduced by 16.55% (27.27MB) with lossless conversion.
  • ..
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April 16 2016

  • Added lots of links, flags, etc to existing Artists
  • Label List now shows links, artists, flag, etc, similar to artist list.
  • Added lots of links, flags, etc to Label List
  • Added proper Juno/Beatport/Trackitdown link icons to Label Profiles & Artist Profiles
  • Added DnB Database section to side bar.
  • Added random labels & random artists to side bar.
  • Replaced web player icon with nicer animated equalizer gif.
  • Other changes to side bar.

April 12 2016

  • Stream / Now Playing titles fixed! Liquidsoap reading ID3v2 tags properly, ID3v1 can be blank 🙂
  • Archives stream: (+8hrs) Added 6 older mixes from K / Friday Feeling folder, with Chase, G1, MA, etc.
  • Archives stream: (+16hrs) Added 10 newer mixes (2015-2016) from DJ Titan & co / Dirty Rotten Fridays
  • Archives stream: (+14hrs) Added 12 older mixes from Sarcastro
  • Archives stream: (+13hrs) Added 15 promo mixes from various DJs

April 11 2016

  • Replaced Freenode’s web IRC client with Kiwi’s on Chat page & removed right column
  • Added ‘Now Playing’ ticker to top of Chat page
  • DnB Noize stream switched from ezstream to liquidsoap

April 03 2016

  • Bugfix: Solved issue in DJ/MC Profiles that prevented Bio/About text from wrapping underneath the left column.
  • Bugfix: Solved issue where DJ/MC Profiles showed no mixes for DJs/MCs with a space in the name/title.
  • New feature: DJ/MC Profiles can now display mixes for a 2nd slug (ie. add “dj-k” slug to K-armour’s profile to show mixes for both)
  • Added “Get Involved” information page
  • Bugfix: Solved issue where DJ/Crew name had to be re-entered every time a DJ/MC profile was edited.
  • Mixes now show up for MCs Fever Danger & Essdot
  • Added artists: Optiv, Maztek, Troublesome
  • Added ‘last edited’ dates to bottom of Artist/Producer profiles & Label profiles
  • Added release: Neonlight – Triple B & Bad Omen
  • Added release: Troublesome – The Walk of Excellence LP
  • Rearranged the main page: 2 extra releases shown, ‘recent mixes’ moved to bottom of page.
  • Added content to the “Advertising & Promotion” page
  • Added labels: Totally Dubwise Recordings
  • # of mixes at bottom of Main Page increased from 4 to 8 (2nd row added)
  • Improvements to “Releases” page: much less space between row & added ‘post date’ column
  • Removed some shit from right side menu

April 02 2016

  • Changed “Now Playing” ticker back to ‘Artist – Title’ format (probably still needs tweaking)
  • DJ Resources added/linked (needs more content)
  • Added ‘Radio’ to main menu.
  • Removed ‘Test’ menu
  • Set an ‘entrymsg’ for the #dnb-noize IRC channel (anyone who joins is automatically sent a PM containing stream links)
  • Main page now shows only the 5 most recent posts.
  • ‘Recent Mixes’ & ‘Recent Posts’ headers on main page are now smaller, with “(View all)” links added beside them.
  • Compacted main page posts (reduced margins, moved comments link up to same line as the post date)
  • Added IRC resources to the Chat page

April 01 2016

March 25-27 2016 (Easter weekend)

  • Added a proper privacy policy.
  • Created a condensed top-5 “release” list to show on the home page.
  • Added a proper DMCA/Copyright claim form
  • Added mixes: DJ Traction (x4)
  • Added mixes: DJ Titan (x10)
  • Added mixes: Sarcastro (x3)
  • Added mixes: Signal Flow (x5)
  • Fixed filter spacing issue on Mixes pages.
  • Added the Weekly Schedule page (to be improved)
  • Added “Producer Spotlight” feature to side menus; one artist/producer can be ‘featured’ at a time (change artist here)
  • DJ profile template improved – prominent info on radio show, social media icons, mixes at bottom (Example: Titan’s profile)
  • Added a FAQ page which needs content still
  • DJ Mix template improved
  • Broke “Now Playing” functionality … fucking son of a bitch.
  • Removed broken image and filler text from bottom of Main Page
  • Fixed some date formats.
  • Icecast upgraded to version 2.4.2 from 2.3.2. Improvements are:
    • Security fix (“override supplementary groups if is used”.. whatever the fuck that means)
    • Now sends proper HTTP headers to clients
    • Fixes a memory leak due to lost headers
    • Fixes a memory leak due to _parse_mount()
    • Web interface upgraded (and is now XHTML compliant)
    • JSON (Javascript Object Notation) support — will be using this to try and get ‘the Now Playing’ working again
  • Fixed ezstream so it’s not running with root permissions anymore (security improvement)
  • Customized the 404 error page (what people see when they visit a bad link)
  • Customized the Icecast server web interface a bit (and this is where the DJ Panel will go)
  • Added 1900+ (almost 200hrs) of good pre-2012 dnb tunes to DnB Noize archives (keep an ear out in case the odd track failed normalization)
  • Made top menu slightly thicker & menu font a bit bigger

Catalog of artists/producers, labels, and releases

  • Bi-directional relationships between each.

Different stream bitrates now available

  • We now offer 64kbps streams for those times when you need to use less bandwidth.
  • 128kbps is still available (and 320kbps planned for the future)

Improved Web Player & Chat

  • All streams/bitrates are now within one pop-out player
  • Good browser support; Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and IE7+

More songs added to the archives

  • Always ongoing, of course

Powerful front-end uploader to send demos/mixes up to 1GB in size