United Kingdom
REAL NAME:  Federico Romanzi

LABELS:   Titan Records   Viper Recordings  

‘Time waits for no man.’

…And this man has wasted no time!

Energetic, dedicated, passionate and fully self motivated by his hunger for success, this guy is setting new levels!

“Turno, now cemented himself into the Drum & Bass fraternity with wiiiiiiiiiked music covering all aspects of the scene, taking his brand to new heights!” – Nicky Blackmarket

As much as he deserves every part of his success so far and the backing he has, he has a respectable, humble approach to his career. With his positive attitude having the biggest part to play in his success, Turno truly believes that you can have anything in life if you’re willing to work for it, and never stop until you have it. “I would rather try and fail than fail and have never tried”, says Turno – a quote that we should all live by if we believe we want something enough. Not being shy of hard work, Turno knows that nothing will happen in life unless you make it. Turno’s attitude to his life, career and overall genuine belief in never stopping until you have what you want, is truly inspiring.

Like his Italian heritage, he is passionate, distinctive and always has more to give! Anticipate Turno to be a household name in the scene for many years to come because he is bringing his brand to eventually take over the world!

CHRG050 Turno - Vision EPFeb 20, 2017
DNBA022EP VA - The Breaks EPJul 14, 2017
PLAYAZ078D Annix - The Dog KnowsJul 31, 2017
VPRLP021 Viper Recordings - Various Artists - Drum & Bass Annual 2018Jan 05, 2018
DNBA025 A.M.C & Turno: Alliance EPMar 30, 2018
DNBA022R A.M.C & Turno: Ice Cold VIPJul 20, 2018

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