The Upbeats
  New Zealand
REAL NAME:  Dylan Jones, Jeremy Glenn

LABELS:   C.I.A Records   Ganja-Tek   Project 51   Vision Recordings   Red Light Records   Bad Taste Recordings  

In today’s heady climate of bass-fuelled dance music it could easily be argued that producer-DJs are the new rock stars. Nicknamed Terror Snake and Downie Wolf respectively, the Upbeats anything-goes live performances are renowned for mosh pits, topless dancers (sometimes women) and crowd surfing, while their approach to writing hard-hitting, unique-sounding drum & bass is lauded across the globe.

VRS034 Mefjus, InsideInfo & The Upbeats - Footpath & LeibnizAug 24, 2015
VSN024 The Upbeats - De-Evolution Part IIAug 05, 2016
VSN027 The Upbeats - De-EvolutionMar 06, 2017
BT012 VA - Bad Taste Vol. 4Mar 21, 2011

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