REAL NAME:  Igor Vitte, Evgeny Zverev
ALIASES:  Segment & Concept Vision

LABELS:   Eatbrain   Trendkill Records  

Russian drum and bass duo consisting of:
Segment (Igor Vitte) &
Concept Vision (Evgeny Zverev)

After months and years of hard work, continual growth and progression as a dynamic duo, heads were turning as a reputation grew from the realms of bass music. With a new angle on production and a few fruitful collaborations, their determination has led to releases on the biggest labels in the Drum & Bass scene – Critical, Blackout, Eatbrain and Subtitles. Their tunes often making their way into the sets of legends such as Dieselboy, Noisia, The Upbeats, Black Sun Empire, Phace and Misanthrop just to name a few. After all that it was only a matter of time before the production powerhouse Segment & Concept Vision would finally merge into one single entity that goes by the name of Synergy.

By combining the endless pursuit of cutting-edge production with their desire to experiment and seek out new ways to impress their ever increasing fanbase, Synergy are ready to push the boundaries established by Segment & Concept Vision and bring something fresh to the table.

Their first offering as Synergy called “Rage!” impressed Phace & Misanthrop so much, that they’ve signed it on their label Neodigital Recordings, which is known for its really thorough selection process. It is out now as a part of the second installment of Eurofunk series, which showcases the power of tech and funk induced Drum & Bass.

EATBRAIN036 L 33 - Karate LP: Black Belt Edition (The Remixes)Feb 27, 2017
EATBRAIN035 Synergy - Helion EPFeb 13, 2017
TKRUK018 Synergy: Turn It Out / RadiationJun 23, 2017
EATBRAIN041 VA - Eatbrain Goes to Let It RollJul 17, 2017
BLCKTNL046 Rido - Sexy Thing / ResponseSep 22, 2017
VPR1316 Teddy Killerz & Synergy - SmoothFeb 16, 2018
EATBRAIN055 Synergy - Dark Machine EPApr 30, 2018

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