REAL NAME:  Peter Costigan

LABELS:   No info yet.

Djing since 1996 Peter Costigan AKA Stickbubbly has been a well known name throughout the toronto underground music community for many years. Originally playing drums and guitar in live bands as a teenager, he developed the skills to write music, which eventually led him to produce his own songs in 2005. Since then he has never looked back. With his electronic music roots in jungle/drum and bass, he has quickly established himself as one of the hottest Canadian producers in the scene. The recipient of the Toronto Drum and Bass Award for Best Breakthrough Producer in 2009, he is known for bringing his own vibe to dance floors worldwide. With his unique sound now dubbed the “Bubbly Sound”, this diversified producer/dj has now branched out into various other genres such as drum step and dub step. Touring Canada, and the U.S he continues to promote his releases on Direct Recordings (U.K), Betamorph (U.S), dirty digital (U.S), and Stride recordings (CAN). His next, and much anticipated EP on skeptik’s Bassick recordings has been getting high rotation on radio stations across Canada and internationally. Also organizing events in and around the toronto area for the last 8 years he is 1/3 of the promotional company called The Business along with Chilton gains and Hydee. Currently he is one of the biggest underground favourites in the scene and is destined to be a legendary talent known for consistently creating original, fresh tunes for the masses.

No releases posted for Stickbubbly yet.

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