England, UK
REAL NAME:  Jonathan Gooch

LABELS:   Lifted Music   Shogun Audio   Subtitles  

Spor (born Jonathan Gooch, 22 August 1984 in Hertfordshire, England) is a British drum and bass, dubstep, and electro house producer and DJ. He also produces under the alias Feed Me, mainly house and dubstep.

Spor got his name from a combination of one of the first folders of samples he obtained, entitled ‘Spore Tactics’, and a favorite piece of artwork by a friend. Graffiti outlining eventually meant he would drop the ‘e’ to leave a more balanced arrangement. After a school friend introduced Spor to the world of Drum and Bass he began experimenting with software to create his own music. After attracting outside attention, he landed himself an exclusive deal with one of Drum & Bass’ most prestigious labels, Renegade Hardware, and leading-edge label, Barcode. This opened up many DJ opportunities and after playing his first set at a club in London, Spor has continued traveling the globe playing music.

Nowadays he co-runs the cutting-edge music-label “Lifted Music” with Chris Renegade, Ewun, Evol Intent & Apex. He continues to release dark, solid, drum & bass through this label and others, and we can only expect more to come.

No releases posted for Spor yet.

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